How To Photoshop Your Pictures

How To Photoshop Your Pictures

How To Photoshop Your Pictures

Today, I want to give you some tips on how to use Photoshop.

Even if you don't want to make major changes in the photo…however, you’re frustrated with something in your photo and you want to change it. Topic photoshop comes up there are many different voices around, some hate it because they believe in the idea that a picture shouldn't be manipulated at all. Some people just love to get the most out of the program and create stunning pictures with it. I believe, we shouldn't have absolute opinions so therefore photoshop is a tool in my arsenal of tools to help me create what I imagine to be the perfect picture.

I think photoshop is bad if people state that the picture they took is real and not altered, but in reality it's completely photoshopped, in most cases you see if something's photoshopped but in some cases slight alterations are not visible and are totally ok if the picture doesn't serve any political or religious agenda, because in that case I believe it should be not altered at all because it should be real and authentic. So where am I going with all of that? My point is I use photoshop to slightly enhance my pictures and remove things that I don’t like in a picture. I always make sure to not recreate whole pictures in photoshop, I just try to clean up the picture by which I mean I remove objects that seem distracting and out of place in my pictures.

1. Use photoshop to remove little details that are distracting.

Don’t be afraid to remove that traffic sign. Let's be honest, we all have been at that point. Sometimes it's annoying how many traffic signs there are and we all hate them in nature! ;) Or maybe there is a fence that pisses you off. Simply, just remove it so, that way your picture looks more natural.

Credit: @kevingarystaub

2. Fix the horizon.

This is necessary!!! If you stich a photo together in Lightroom and the horizon got crooked in the process, you're able to adjust it in photoshop and voila! Your picture looks great again.

Credit: @kevingarystaub

3. Remove object that seem to be floating.

In one of the two pictures you see below, at the left top corner this rock seems to be floating. It's not connected to any other rock, and in my opinion that looks ugly. Pay attention to these details and remove them. Trust me, your picture will look sooooo much better! Sometimes, I remove branches that are peaking into the picture… just because they look annoying. These objects get me into a photoshop rampage and I start to remove them all and can't stop. (random fact about me). xD

Credit: @kevingarystaub

4. Replacing the blue sky with a starry night.

I haven't done that yet. Simply because that’s not my thing. But give it a go! Replace the blue sky with a night full of stars, make sure it fits the picture.

Credit: @kevingarystaub

5. Changing the color of a jacket or other objects.

This can be done in Lightroom and Photoshop. I mostly do it in Lightroom, because it's done faster and I don't have to open up another program.

In some cases, the jacket of your subject doesn't have the right color and it doesn't fit your picture. Maybe the person doesn't stick out enough from the background. In that case, just simply change the color of the jacket, that way it makes your subject stick out and enhances your picture.


Credit: @kevingarystaub

I want to state again… that I try to make these changes as subtle as possible and I want these changes to enhance my picture not change it completely. I believe Photoshop can also be helpful even if you're not changing a whole lot in your picture.

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Text and photos by: @kevingarystaub

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